Skills and Talents

Computer skills

– Microsoft Office, include advanced Excel practices
– HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
– Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks
– Database management
– PC and Mac
– Social Media
– Typing 70 words per minute

Can solve Rubik’s Cube in under 2 minutes

When I taught myself how to do this I imagined some scenario in which I would causally pick up someone’s jumbled cube – “Well, what do we have here?” – and solve it. They would be helluva impressed.

Such a scenario has never presented itself.

Admittedly, listing it on a resume is slightly more forward, and thus less impressive, but it did get Will Smith that internship in that one movie.

Near eidetic memory


Remember that one anecdote about how Finger’s dad parked his truck in “You Shall Know Our Velocity”?

Or how about that one line from the Reagan’s Challenger speech? Or the WiFi key?

What about the song that was playing when the fire-fighters crashed our “controlled burn”, which, I’d like to reiterate, we were in complete control of.

I do.

*I am not a medical doctor, but I have a fair amount of experience self-diagnosing with the assistance of the internet.

Extremely mediocre guitar player

The Mountain Goats songs are my bread and butter, but Iron and Wine’s version of The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” is the show-stoppper.

And by using the phrase “show-stopper” I am in no way suggesting that I perform for an audience of stuffed animals lined up on the couch.

Survived being struck by a car

I am not entirely sure this is a talent, but I have successfully pulled it off once. I am not in a hurry to give it another go.