Quotes of Praise

“You are getting into the right business, kid.”

– Kevin Blackistone, Award-winning columnist, Shirley Povich Chair in Sports Journalism at the Univ. of Maryland, and ESPN Around the Horn panelist

It should be noted, in the interest of full disclosure, that this was in no way a commentary on my abilities as a sports journalist, and completely a reflection of my ability to make him laugh while at a sports journalism symposium at UMD in 2009.

Also, he probably did not say “kid”. I’m probably just throwing it in there to sound more folksy.

“An industrious soul …”

Chicago Tribune

“A blogger …”

New York Times

“I wish I had that much time to waste.”

– Joshua, Puck Daddy commenter, on free agency infographic

“Latest Jonah Lehrer atrocities uncovered by @justinrmegahan show an almost pathological intent to avoid doing any actual work.”

– Mark Katches, editorial director at the Center for Investigative Reporting

Depending on how you read it, this tweet is either a nice bit of notice for the work I did identifying and tracking content recycled by Jonah Lehrer, or it is calling me lazy. I’m pretty sure Mr. Katches intended the former.